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Most business transactions conducted today are done through the use of contracts. A contract is a binding agreement between two parties that sets terms for the transaction, including price, identity of items to be sold or licensed, and the preferred method of payment. Properly drafting and negotiating contracts will allow you to clearly define and understand your business’s rights and obligations. When a dispute arises, you need an attorney who understands how to negotiate and litigate contracts cases. The attorneys at Mallernee, Branch & Daffner L.L.P. handle contract drafting, negotiation and breach cases for our clients in Georgia.

Dedicated attorneys providing contract services in Georgia

We provide many contract-based services for our clients, including contract drafting. We work with you from the very beginning of the contract drafting or negotiation process to make sure the words in your contract clearly reflect the wishes of all parties and the agreements that have been reached verbally. When a dispute or breach arises, a well-written contract can reduce the need for litigation by clearly detailing the proper procedures in all foreseeable situations.

In addition to helping you draft a solid contract, our Atlanta attorneys help your business revise, update or modify existing contracts to reflect changing circumstances. Our attorneys work with your company to help you avoid breaching a contract and to enforce another party’s compliance with a contract when they are in danger of breach. We are committed to helping our clients’ businesses thrive, and dedicated to helping you achieve the results you desire.

Breach of contract

If one party to a contract does not live up to its side of the bargain, it is known as breach of contract, and the other party can sue for any damages that result from the breach.. Our attorneys have experience representing companies and individuals on both sides of breach cases. Whether your party is the one who breached the agreement or the one seeking to enforce the agreement on a breaching party, we can help.

Commercial real estate leases

For many businesses, the commercial lease for the premises may be the most important single contract that is signed, and quite often the most expensive undertaking by the business and the owners. We prepare and negotiate commercial real estate leases both for landlords and for tenants. Landlords and tenants have different interests in leases, and our lawyers, through their years of experience, know where the issues most often arise, and protect our clients accordingly.

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